on March 7th, 2015

by, S. Steve Dounis

Once again the Democrats and the Left are trying to lay the blame for the failed policies of President Obama at the feet of the Republicans. The mantra continues that “…Obama has great ideas and is trying to correct the ‘damage’ done by the Bush administration, but the Republicans stand in the way”. The Republicans afraid of being tagged “racists” cower to their critics. Their is lack of leadership from the top and from both aisles.

America, as a nation, has to wake up to the realities that it is the policies of the Democrat Party that are destroying our great country not the objections from the Republicans. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), for instance, was rammed through Congress by the Democrats in the dead of night without one Republican vote and has created a whirlpool of confusion, including hidden taxes, enormous deductibles, loss of one’s own doctor and cancelled health insurance policies. All in the name of making health insurance more “affordable”, which it is not, resulting in employee layoffs and business closings.

Then there are the thousands of bureaucratic regulations stifling the growth of the economy. Obama pledged to put the coal industry out of business and his hideous regulations, from the EPA, are doing just that. The same goes for the oil industry and rules against fracking. Then, in his narcissistic, supercilious arrogance he brags that his administration is responsible for the increase in oil production when it is the oil companies fracking on private property and not government lands that are responsible. Once again the EPA, expressing environmental concerns, holds up the Keystone pipeline which would have created hundreds of new jobs. Even though the Congress approved the Keystone pipeline, Obama vetoed the bill. How is that the fault of Republicans? What can we say about the EPA’s allegation that Gibson Guitar Company was using “illegal” wood from India? Ridiculous.

Next, we have “open boarders” with thousands of illegals (from all countries) crossing over from Mexico into the United States, overloading the welfare system and local jails. The Democrats see these as potential voters and some Republicans welcome them as cheap labor. While the majority of the Republicans are for closing the borders (north and south), Obama is vigorously waging campaigns in Central America, promising those who come to the U.S., all kinds of free goodies. Those who make the trek are robbed, raped and killed by the so called “coyotes” who bring them into the country. Many have lost their lives making this onerous trip. Is this being compassionate? Is this the Republicans fault? Another chaotic mess that is at the feet of Obama and the Democrats.

Another border problem concerns drug trafficking and Obama’s Justice Department. Does “fast and furious” ring a bell? Eric Holder buying guns from border gun shops and supplying them to the drug cartels in order to trace the guns back to those same gun shops in an attempt to show the need for gun control. There is no end to their absurdity.

Last, but not least, and probably the most important; our tragic and failed foreign policies. Failing to help the Iranians, and Syrians, to overthrow their tyrannical governments. Butting-in the Egyptian and Libyan politics thereby creating the rise of the Islamic State terrorists which first resulted in the attack on Benghazi, Libya, and the horrendous murder of our ambassador, to the barbaric beheading and burning alive of thousands of Christians, Muslims, and other religious groups who do not agree with Sharia law in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and across the Middle East. Doing nothing while Russia invades Ukraine. Not heeding Israels’ warnings of Iran’s nuclear threats. And, where was Obama while all this was going on? Playing golf. Makes your head spin.

There are so many more cases of the incompetence, naivete, and plain ignorance of this administration to catalog. The chaos in the world and here at home are the result of Obama, the Democrats, the Left, and the unconscionably derelict, complicit media, who then demonize the Republicans as somehow being to blame. The Left always needs someone to blame. America wake up!

[A footnote to young people under 30 years of age. The problems you face today, like few jobs, etc., are all because of the bad Democrat policies of the past. Your only hope is to do your own research and prove to yourself which party can really help you].


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on October 20th, 2014

By, S. Steve Dounis

The community organizer and so-called Constitution-law professor is well on his way of reducing the American dream into the American nightmare. There has never been, in our history, a more unqualified, incompetent, and lying president in the White House.

He and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, have not only played the race card, but are continually promoting racial division among the people where no division exists. The Civil War of 1860, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ended slavery and segregation. If, as the race-baiters proclaim, we are a racist nation, how is it that Obama was elected into office twice, by the American people, who are mostly white. Their intervention in the Trevon Martin case in Florida, and the Ferguson, Missouri case, were dishonest, disingenuous and dangerously harmful, creating an unnecessary division among the races.

From the “Affordable” Health Care Act, which is anything but affordable, that was rammed through in the dead of night by the Democrats, with not one Republican vote, stifling the economy resulting in layoffs and vast unemployment; to the failed “Fast and Furious” scandal of supplying Mexican drug cartels with American arms in order to hold gun dealers accountable as an excuse to ban guns; to the IRS scandal of harassing conservative tax-exempt groups to prevent their participation in the 2012 elections, among other probes, remember Gibson guitars?; to failing to protect our American ambassador and embassy in Libya, where terrorists attacked in Benghazi, killing the ambassador and three others; the Veterans Administration scandal of denying veterans access to health care, resulting in many unnecessary deaths; to the failure to lead in the middle-east and Israel, resulting in a whirlpool of confusion; failure to lead against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, leading to further aggression by the Russians; “leading from behind” against the Islamic State, leading to the slaughter of hundreds, if not thousands, of Syrians and Iraqis, including the barbaric beheadings of Christians, Muslims, Kurds, and others, killing men, women, and children; not to mentions the lies and mishandling of the ebola virus epidemic in west Africa, even bringing cases into the United States, and refusing to ban flights from the infected regions. These are only the headliners, but, there are many more failed policy decisions, including the failure to okay the Keystone oil pipeline, made by this president and his incompetent administration that are too numerous to document. Then, there is Iran, North Korea, and China, to worry about. It makes your head spin.

All of this has resulted in the deliberate drop in American standing and influence in the world; nobody trusts us to lead or to do the right thing anymore. Young people graduating from colleges and universities cannot find jobs upon graduating. The elderly have had their social security checks remain stagnant with no cost-of-living increases. The middle-class has been devastated with foreclosures, layoffs, and reduced incomes, with fifty percent on food stamps. The “american media” have been unconscionably derelict in their duty to inform the public, but they, like the president, DON’T CARE. It is up to each American to find out the truth through diligent research and to vote in the upcoming elections. The Democrat Party has to be defeated because they are the primary cause of all the failed policies in our great country. There is no reasoning or coming together with their ideological, nonsensical, and fairytale parallel universe that no rational person can accept.
Do your duty and VOTE!!!


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by, S. Steve Dounis

In Stephen Foster’s song of  “Oh! Susanna”, little did he know that he would be describing “global warming” in his descriptive line, “…the sun’s so hot I froze to death”. Of course, this has only been one of the coldest winters in memory. Maybe too much “global warming” caused the heat to freeze. Of course, now that nothing is panning out the way it is supposed to, the Left’s new bumper sticker is “climate change”. History tells us that the climate has been changing, up and down, ever since there has been a climate. This is usually caused by the activity of the sun. Do they not teach science in school anymore?

And who is to blame for this change in climate? Why that audacious creature, MAN. How arrogant! To think that little old man, who is less than a speck on an ant’s nose, in comparison to the cosmos,  is responsible for changing the climate of the entire world. What nonsense. Is man greater than God and His creation? Can man make the sun shine or change the orbit and angle of the Earth?

What is all the jabberwocky about CO2 emissions? Does the Left not know that this is carbon dioxide (a colorless, odorless gas occurring naturally in the atmosphere formed by respiration). Carbon dioxide is what we, and all animals, exhale when we breathe. We breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This is what trees take in from the air by photosynthesis and emit oxygen back out and we breathe back in. The cycle of life needs the tress and other vegetation to supply us with oxygen and in turn the trees and vegetation need us to supply them with carbon dioxide, CO2 emissions. It is also the “fizz” in soft drinks. So what’s the big outcry about CO2?

Now the other carbon, carbon monoxide (a colorless, odorless TOXIC gas, CO) is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon. We are told by the Left that this is the result of SUV’s and other autos, right? Wrong!! Carbon monoxide has always been part of the atmosphere as a product of volcanic activity. Occurring also naturally in brush fires. Do the forest fires in California and the west, as well as other parts of the world, ring-a-bell? Now, of course, all these natural sources of carbon monoxide (CO) vary from year to year, so it is difficult to accurately measure the natural gas emissions. Ergo, enter all the “jump-to-conclusions” from the “global” and environmental crowds.

So in conclusion, what can we say. Man is too insignificant in his physical being and in his machines to ever effect an entire global change in the atmosphere.  So too, the so-called flatulence from cows and other farm animals haven’t even an iota of effect on the climate. Man cannot compete with the power of the sun. And what of carbon dioxide (CO2)? The solution to reducing CO2 emissions would be if we all stopped breathing, man and animal alike. Not ever going to happen. And, with carbon monoxide (CO), there is no way to put a “carbon tax” on volcanoes and forest fires. So, with all that is said and done, we are all stuck with the natural cycle of life on planet Earth.



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by, S. Steve Dounis

If you were ever in doubt about the national press media being biased

then the Congressional Benghazi hearings this past week should have opened

your eyes. The press is supposed to be our watchdog holding our government

accountable. Unfortunately for us, they have become an arm of the

Democrat party. This is a gross violation of the “Freedom of the Press” as the

founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the Bill of Rights to the

Constitution. However, with this crowd in power, the “Constitution be


The Press is solely responsible for Obama being President and for the

failure of his policies because they never vetted him or questioned the

soundness of his policies. Furthermore, the Press is accountable for the

Benghazi “cover up”. Why? Because it is their job to investigate and inform the

public as to what the government is doing in their name.

It was obvious to anyone with common sense, that, from the beginning,

Benghazi was a terrorist attack and yet the press went along with the narrative

that an unseen video caused a spontaneous uprising. Yeah, blame anything

and anyone except the Muslim jihadists. (The video maker was jailed in order

to take the blame for an amateurish video that was seen by no one of any


How could a “free press” not question the veracity of  U.N. Ambassador

Susan Rice when she went on five  Sunday talk shows spouting the boldface

lie about a fictitious video. And, who could believe Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton testifying in a Congressional hearing saying about Benghazi, …”what

does it matter?”.  And, what was President Obama thinking when he lied to the

United Nations two weeks later claiming we had, ..”nothing to do with that


September 11, 2013, when the American consulate was attacked in

Benghazi, Libya, fell in the middle of the 2013,  Presidential campaign.

President Obama, running for re-election, was bragging how he had

decimated Al Qaeda and Bin Laden was dead. Now, to avoid embarrassment

and ruin his chances for re-election, Obama lied, not only to the American

people, but to the whole world  that Benghazi was not attacked by an affiliate

of Al Qaeda but was due to a video ridiculing the prophet Mohammad thereby

causing a “spontaneous” riot and attack on our embassy personnel.

Weeks earlier, the British Ambassador was attacked and The Prime

Minister ordered the English to pull out and come home. At the same time,

our Ambassador to Libya was requesting more security for the American

embassy. He was denied by Secretary of State Clinton’s office more than once.

The State Department were derelict in their duty to protect our people. Why

were we allowed to stay in Libya with no added security? Our people should

have been ordered back to the States.

On the evening of September 11, the attack on Benghazi was known by all

in the administration. Calls for help were coming into the White House all

night long. All military rescue assets were told to “stand down”. Why? This is

incomprehensible. Americans never deny a call for help. As a consequence

four brave Americans were slaughtered including our Ambassador. This

Administration has blood on their hands. And, so does our national media.

Without an independent and free press to hold our politicians

accountable we are no better than a banana republic. The press have become

co-conspirators in lying to the American people. An omission is as bad as a

lie. Media outlets have omitted too many of Obama’s failures. Why? Are they

afraid of being called “racists” because they dare to tell the truth about







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on January 11th, 2013

by, S. Steve Dounis

“The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”, Thomas Jefferson.

This is the main reason the LEFT wants to ban guns. In the words of an infamous tyrant: “To conquer a nation first disarm its citizens”, Adolf Hitler. That is the main goal of the Left. Don’t doubt it.

The founding fathers included the second amendment to the Bill of Rights of  the Constitution so that an armed citizenry would be able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government and to take the country back if need be. They would want every household to have an AR-15 or AK-47 type weapon to protect the nation. Guns for personal self-defense and hunting come next. “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it”, Thomas Jefferson.

The “we need more gun control” mantra of the Left is just that — mantra. Meaningless words to gender emotional response from the great uninformed. The Left’s dumbing down of  America by not teaching American history in our schools is working. How many Americans know our history and the real story of our founding fathers and the writing of the Constitution?

Guns do not kill people – people kill people. Mass murderers would use other means such as dynamite, fire, knives, hammers and such, IF there were no guns. Do we ban cars because of vehicular  homicides? Do we ban hammers or knives if used as a murder weapon? (More people are murdered by hammers and knives than by guns). The “ban guns” position is a bogus argument. The Left knows this but they want to appeal to the emotions of  a misinformed public to fire up controversy in order to have a position to show that they are doing something to make everyone “feel” better and safer. When in reality, in the words of Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association (NRA), …“the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is by a good guy with a gun”.

There are more untold stories of people being saved because of their legitimate right to protect themselves with a firearm than of the stories of murderers and the mayhem they cause. But, have you seen any of these stories reported by the media? NO! Why? Because it does not fit their anti-gun agenda.

How about the mother in Georgia who saved herself and her 9-year-old twins hiding in the upstairs bedroom closet crawl space from an intruder who broke into the house and was about to attack them. She shot her .38 caliber pistol that her husband had taught her to use just days before at a shooting range and hit the perpetrator five out of six shots while talking to her husband on her cell phone with 911 listening in.  She saved herself and her children. Her husband calls her a hero. The intruder was taken to a hospital for his wounds and is now in jail.

There is no way any law can prevent a crazed gunman from attacking innocents. However, there are preventative measures that can be taken. The massacre of innocent children in the Sandy Hooks Elementary School shootings in Newton, Connecticut, could have been prevented or have encountered fewer casualties had there been anyone with a firearm on the campus.

Teachers or staff can be trained by police, the military or the NRA to handle and fire a gun in order to protect the children and themselves. Armed guards; either police, retired police or military personnel, could also be used in every school. (In Israel, every school teacher is armed).

In Maricopa County, Arizona, America’s favorite Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, is using his volunteer Posse to patrol all the schools, from the outside, under his jurisdiction at no cost to the county. It would be up to the different school boards to initiate having armed personnel on campus. Many schools around the country already have armed security on campus.

The discussion should be on saving lives NOT in banning guns. It is unfortunate that the President and the Democrats are bent on banning guns, banning bullets, and banning magazines, but not on banning crime. How does punishing the legitimate gun owner prevent gun crime? Punish the criminal who uses a gun to commit a crime with the laws already on the books. Punish the government officials responsible for “Fast & Furious”, the selling of guns to Mexican drug cartels.

The Second Amendment guarantees your right to own any gun (including AK-47s & AR-15s), to have as much ammunition as you wish, and to have any size magazine you need. High capacity  magazines are especially helpful when practicing gun skills at a shooting range. An hours’ worth of shooting can consist of firing hundreds of rounds. The larger magazines reduce the time for reloading. Plus, they are vital in self-defense situations especially when confronted by several armed attackers.

Remember this, magazines do NOT come loaded with ammo. You have to manually place each bullet into the magazine up to its capacity. They are not, as some misinformed anti-gun folks think, magazines fully loaded with ammo you use and then throw away. They are used over and over again by simply inserting  the required amount of  ammo (bullets) into the magazine.

Why are crime rates down in States that have concealed carry laws? Because criminals will think twice about breaking in or attacking anyone for fear they may encounter a gun owner. Get a gun, learn how to use it, and keep prepared. The life you save may be your own. Encourage the local school boards to protect our children with trained gun-toting personnel. The gun is only a tool and like most tools, in the hands of experienced users, is a valuable asset. To own and have guns is our Constitutional right and this right …”shall not be infringed”.



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on December 17th, 2012

By, S. Steve Dounis

In the wake of another mass shooting that slaughtered little innocent children this past weekend, it is time to put political correctness aside and to install preventative defenses in all of our schools from elementary to university. Let’s face it. We cannot prevent these types of incidents from happening but we can reduce the fatalities by being prepared. How do we do this? By instructing and training  school officials in the handling and correct procedures for using a firearm.

In the Connecticut school shootings the Principal and the school Psychologist both rushed the shooter and were gunned down. IF, just one of them had a weapon the outcome might have been different.

Why do you think these loons pick on schools?  Because they know it is a gun-free zone. We need, not only, to arm the teachers but also to have armed security guards to prevent unauthorized intruders from gaining access.

The cry for “gun control” is NOT the answer. Then no one would be safe. Goofy mayors like Bloomberg of New York just don’t get it. Every household should have an AK-47. Why? That’s the way our founding fathers intended. The primary purpose of the Second Amendment to the Constitution is for an armed citizenry to protect themselves against a corrupt and dictatorial government and to take our government back if need be.  Self-defense and hunting are secondary purposes for the amendment. This is the main reason the Left wants to ban guns.

Let’s protect our innocent children and give them a safe and secure environment away from home. Let us arm our schools. In Israel every teacher has a machine gun in their classroom to protect the children. Time for us to do the same.

As an aside, we hear the cry of “who needs that much ammunition”? If you are a target shooter, as most gun owners are, it takes a lot of ammunition to perfect your shooting skills. An hour’s worth of shooting at targets can easily use up to 100 rounds of ammunition.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) as well as local police associations, not to mention the military,  could all be utilized to do the necessary training.

Our cherished children deserve better.



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on October 26th, 2012

By, S. Steve Dounis

A month and a half  after the disgraceful tragedy in Benghazi, the Obama administration still refuses to  come clean not only with the American people but also with the families of  the brave men who were slaughtered in  the American Consulate compound by Islamic terrorists, including our  Ambassador to Libya, John Christopher (Chris) Stevens, on September 11, 2012.

Forget about the so-called e-mails that the administration keeps referring too because they are meaningless when it comes to communications with the situation room in the white house. Why? Because these were unclassified messages. There were precedence designated classified communications  called FLASH (Z) that went out immediately when the consulate was attacked.

FLASH (Z) is a precedence reserved for initial enemy contact messages or operational combat messages of extreme urgency. A five-nation joint military communications-electronics organization consisting of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the Combined Communications Electronics Board (CCEB) uses this system. These messages are to be handled as fast as humanly possible, ahead of all other messages, with in-station handling time not to exceed ten minutes.

The White House knew immediately about the organized attack. The attack lasted for six hours. For all those hours the administration did nothing. We had military assets in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea that could have intervened and saved our people. Why was no action taken?

Our military was on ready alert waiting for the word to go. It never came. Why? Why was our ambassador, who is the President’s representative representing the U.S., and the the others left at the mercy of  Muslim barbarians.

To add insult to injury, the whole White House administration is sent out to lie about an unseen, so-called anti-Islamic, video as being the cause of a “demonstration gone wild”. The President used the “video lie” six times in his address to the United Nations two weeks after the attack. What outrageous incompetency and gutless actions. These are treasonous acts.

An unmanned drone was sent out taking video pictures during the attack which were transmitted in real time to the Situation Room in the White House. The entire administration was watching and still doing absolutely nothing. This is criminal not to mention bordering on the macabre.

What explanations could anyone come up with as to why no action was taken to save our people. They could have been rescued. What is the political advantage to Obama for acting like a coward instead of a hero? This makes absolutely no sense.

The President, the Secretary of State, the Ambassador to the U.N., and the White House press secretary should all resign. There is no excuse or explanation for their callous abandoning of our fellow Americans. The first duty of the President is to protect the people. He has failed his duty. The first duty of the military is that we leave no one behind.

We, the American people, have all been lied to by this administration and the entire Democrat party. Will we ever see impeachment proceedings?


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by, S. Steve Dounis

New unemployment figures indicate that unemployment has “dropped” to 8.2 per cent.  The month before President Obama’s inaugural, unemployment was at 7.5 per cent. A month after Obama took office unemployment went to 8.3 per cent. Any fourth grader can see that a difference from 8.3 to 8.2 per cent is only a drop of o.1 per cent. In other words unemployment has not improved much in the three years this administration has been in power. Is this “trending in the right direction” or off the cliff?

As a matter of fact, up until a few months ago, the average unemployment was at a media spun 9.5 per cent but in actuality as high as 15 per cent (among Blacks it has hovered around 16 per cent). And what about the twenty million jobs that have been lost under the Obama regime? Hyping a 200,000 increase in the job market, last month, as an economic turn around is like adding one grain of sand to the sea and calling it an expansion of the world’s oceans.

In Obama’s first year in office he controlled the entire government: both houses of Congress and the White House. But, what did he do with it? NOTHING. Did he do anything to increase jobs like lowering taxes, reducing government regulations and other known economic triggers to boost the economy? NO.  He rammed socialized government health  care down our throats without anyone knowing what was in the legislation (a Saul Alinsky rule to take over health care in order to control the people). Not one job was created. But, many were lost for good. Is this “trending in right direction”?

Obama blames (besides Bush) Wall Street for our economic woes. How can this be when it was Obama voting for TARP, under Bush, while still a Senator, and later passing the so-called “stimulus package” that went to his largest contributors on Wall Street as a bail-out. Obama and Wall Street are like Siamese twins — inseparable. Wall Street insiders are part of his Cabinet as referenced by his Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a past president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Come on Barry, speak the truth.

Of course we all know (the cat’s out-of-the-bag Barack) that it was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 , under then president Jimmy Carter, forcing banks to do away with red-lining, under threat by Jesse Jackson and other racists pimps, to force banks to lend to minorities to buy houses they could not afford, backed by the government using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, under the “scrutiny” of  Senator Chris Dodd, former chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and Congressman Barney Frank former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee (who both should be in jail). An example of   “letting the fox  guard the hen house”. Are we “trending right” or heading off the cliff?

The banks in turn, to get rid of these toxic mortgages, sold them to Wall Street brokers who in turn bundled them into investment packages  and sold them to world investors and banks thus polluting the world market with bad loans creating a worldwide financial collapse when the mortgages defaulted and the housing market imploded.

Trending in the right direction? Obama has successfully ruined the currency, left  the borders wide open, is reducing the military to a troop of cub scouts, instituted the government take over of private companies, tanked the economy, killed millions of private sector jobs, and is now bragging that he is the fourth greatest president in U.S. history. Give me a break! What gall.

President Barack Obama wins the Academy Award for being the world’s best LIAR. Every time he speaks he spews nothing but lies. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. What truth has he spoken? (You know God hates liars).

Take the class warfare as an example. How can you blame the “rich” for your own incompetence? If it wasn’t for the rich there would be no jobs. Who does most of the hiring in the private sector? The rich. Has a poor man ever hired anyone? Why are the rich not hiring? Because of Obama’s recklessness and complete disregard for the private sector. His mantra is the Left’s continuing  support and belief in that “government”  is to be worshiped.

Fear not. Most Americans are hip to President Obama’s jive and they are not buying his lies anymore. All polls indicate the pretend-President is losing in all quarters of the political and racial spectrum. How can a nation look up to a leader that constantly has his finger in the wind and his head in the clouds?

All America anxiously awaits the November 6, 2012 elections. They cannot wait to vote President Barack Husein Obama out of office. The “Great Awakening” is happening. Obama’s “trending in right direction” will be thrown “off the cliff”.


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on March 14th, 2012

by, S. Steve Dounis

Newt Gingrich is the only one who can lead our country forward and re-establish America’s greatness. He has the bold ideas with the experience and knowledge to back them up and the fearlessness to stand-up to our enemies both within and foreign.

He is already changing the national conversation over gas  prices with his challenge of $2.50 a gallon. This prompted Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to do an about face from his opinion stated earlier that he wanted gas prices to reach the levels in Europe (at $9 a gallon).

Now, Secretary Chu wants to see gas prices come down after poor poll numbers indicated the Obama Administration was doing a lousy job concerning rising gas prices. President Obama and his energy secretary have done everything to prevent opening up oil exploration both on land and off-shore as well as turning down the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to Houston, Texas. But, they are taking credit for the oil and gas production increases being made on PRIVATE land; not public lands. What hypocrites. The government has no authority over oil and gas leases on private property.

There is really no “inevitable Republican candidate”, even though the drive-by media has designated this status to Mitt Romney. As Newt repeatedly points out, if Romney is the front-runner why is it that he cannot get above 30 percent. Remember 2008, when Hillary Clinton was the inevitable candidate for the Democrat Party. What happened? A skinny Barack Obama took it away from her at the last minute.

It’s a long way from March to November, 2012. Anything can happen. Newt has been counted out before but he is like the “battery bunny” and keeps on drumming. Newt’s ideas make sense and  people are starting to pay attention. Everybody knows that Newt can make mince-meat out of Obama in a national debate. Mainly, because, besides being a politician, Newt is a real historian and he knows the true facts of which President Obama has not a clue.

Newt is better qualified to get things done in Washington because he knows how to handle the Congress — he has done it before as Speaker-of-the-House when he balanced the budget for four years in a row, among many other accomplishments.

This is not the Newt from ten or twenty years ago. This is a much better Newt who has made his peace with God and become a faithful Catholic. He exudes a genuine confidence that is both relaxed and forceful. He speaks with authority, wisdom, and clarity. Newt Gingrich will make a powerful president.


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on November 29th, 2011

by, S. Steve Dounis

With his poll numbers dropping one wonders why the lame street media is stilling beating up on Herman Cain. The reason is they want to drive Cain out of the race for President. Why? Because if Herman Cain wins the Republican nomination it will become a contest of one Black man against another Black man neutralizing the “race card”. The Democrats and the Left are scared to death if this scenario plays out because it will divide their base in half. You will have an incumbent Black President who has run this country into the ground with no real solutions going against a proven problem solver, Black man, from the private sector who has  all kinds of solutions to save this nation from economically falling off the cliff. Obama’s goose will be cooked.

Another important reason the Left wants Cain out-of-the-picture is because  Herman Cain has been the favorite of the Tea Party people. The Left is terrified of the Tea Party because of the shellacking they took in the 2010 elections at the hands of  this grassroots movement. Herman Cain has fired-up the Tea Party more than anyone else running in the race. His positive spirit is awe inspiring and uplifting giving Americans great hope and encouragement.

Since the President cannot win re-election on his record the only tactic he has is to destroy his opponents by character assassination. Is it not odd that all these so-called sexually harassed women were only from the three year period Cain was CEO of the National Restaurant Association? And, all from Chicago? Has anyone checked the bank accounts of these women to see if they have been payed to lie? Has anyone come forward with any proof of their allegations? The answer is, you know the answer, NO!

Everyone of these bimbos are serial accusers of phony sexual harassment charges. They are all suffering with financial problems. Herman Cain has admitted to financially helping the last women, who claims she has had a 13-year affair with Herman.

Why, if you are supposedly having an affair with someone, would you come out in public and even admit there was nothing to the affair  beyond a  friendly relationship? Try this on for size. What if this woman was making all these telephone calls and sending text messages trying to borrow more money from Herman and Herman had to turn her down because he needs every dime for his campaign. Could this have made her want to “get even” for being turned down? Just asking.

The media, naturally, instead of doing their job, are all  in the tank for Obama and it is becoming more and more obvious and blatant. No real red-blooded American takes the media seriously anymore. Of course there are certain dummies out there who never pay attention and who may have never heard of Herman Cain until all these allegations started popping up. And who is going to give them the truth, the media? Dream on Dixie lamb.


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